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Do you have a pitch fibre drainage system? If your drainage system was installed in the 1950s -70s, then there are high chances that your drainage system is built with pitch fibre pipes. Most of the homeowners wouldn’t know about this until they face pitch fibre pipes issues. Being made of cellulose and coal tar, pitch fibre pipes were widely used in domestic as well as commercial sewer systems. Their huge popularity was attributed to being cheaper and light-weight pipes.

Drawbacks of having pitch fibre pipework

Pitch fibre pipes can get easily damaged by external pressure. Lack of lifespan and the risk of getting collapsed has immensely reduced the popularity of these pipes. Another major issue with pitch fibre pipes is the root ingress that can cause severe damage to the drainage system.

How to identify pitch fibre pipes?

We at Plumbing and Drainage Experts use CCTV drain surveys to check your drainage system and identify the type of pipelines. Our specialist team of drain engineers are experienced in conducting most accurate CCTV drain surveys that can determine the accurate location of the crack or damage as well. So, if you are unsure about the pipe type, then we recommend you to contact us for a detailed CCTV drain survey.

What should you do if your drainage system has pitch fibre pipes installed?

If your drainage problem is due to pitch fibre pipeworks, then we suggest you replace them with top-quality and modern plastic pipes. Our team will replace the pitch fibre pipes using no excavation or dig method and use the specialist machinery to reline the new pipes effortlessly.

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