The thought of an overflowing drain can only bring stress and anxiety to your mind.
But what if I tell you that there are numerous ways to avoid the same if they are detected even before it occurs and is dealt with.
Because this way you could avoid all the related problems like overflows, electrical damage and even serious leaks. Our expert drainage engineers are just a call away and available 24/7.

Here are a few factors that would help to find the root cause of the overflowing drains.

Location of the Drain: Outdoor & Indoor

The location of the drain plays a major role in the types of problems created.
An outdoor drain will bring in a different set of problems when considered to the indoor drain.
Outdoor drain problems are mainly caused due to the build-up of dead leaves, overgrown tree roots that may block the water flow of the pipes. Whereas in an indoor drain the problems are generally caused due to the blocks made from other than human waste like sanitary products, paper towels, hair and even tissues/ wipes.

Indoor Drain and their types (Bathroom, Toilet or Kitchen)

The type of drain can also help you narrow down the problem. For Instance:

  • Bathroom drain overflow: Caused by the hair and other debris that flows down the bathroom drain.
  • Kitchen drain overflow: Caused due to food particles or food waste, grease etc.
  • Toilet drain overflow: Caused due to sanitary products, toilet paper and tissues flushed down the toilet.

All these things could lead to significant blockages and requires the assistance of a professional drainage engineer. Feel free to call us at 0800 611 8810 if you might need help with any of these above-said pointers.

Measures to be taken to prevent drain overflow:

You may also prevent blockages if you are careful and conscious about the waste that gets thrown into the drains plus you can avoid the unpleasant experience of odourful water, leaking walls, roofs and ceilings along with the damages caused to wiring or electrical fittings.


Make sure to observe the daily waste that goes through your kitchen/toilet/bathroom as a daily routine.


Avoid food waste from being thrown down the kitchen drain and make sure that the vessels and plates are scraped and wiped of any food particles before dumping them into the kitchen sink. Make sure to use sufficient soaps to wash down the grease & oil used in cooking. never pour liquid waste down the kitchen drain like oil, grease or fat. Try and pour a glass or two of hot water as this clears the grease/oil that gets stuck down the kitchen drain.


Try not to wash away any foreign objects such as bits of paper, plastic, soap and even hair down the bathroom drain as this could also lead to blockage and then overflow.


Never flush down nappies, tampons, wipes, cotton wool, sanitary pads or tissues down the toilet as they may get trapped in the pipes and create blockage and overflow of water. Excess use of toilet paper will also create a blockage and therefore it is best to make use of

Outdoor Drainage

Make sure to leave your yard free from leaves and any other garden waste that may get washed down the drain and create an obstacle.
Sweep your garden regularly making sure to use a compost heap to prevent the drains from overflowing.
It is recommended to get professional assistance if they become a problem as the drainage expert would provide you with the best options in resolving the issue. A professional drainage engineer will be able to resolve the problem by using advanced types of equipment like CCTV cameras as well as special techniques to get to the hard-to-reach drains and finding out the reason for the blockage and overflowing of the drain. These professional plumbers are also well versed in advising you of the adequate measures to be taken in the future to prevent these from reoccurring.

Our Expert team of the workforce are well versed in handling the blocked & overflowing drains. They also have an extended range of services to offer you for all your drain related issues. So, if you happen to have any of the following problems, contact us right away & we will be more than happy to help