A lovely house with a tree nearby is a dream home. Until you realise the serious issues that come with it. The roots spread deeply and extensively in the soil, and some of them enter your drain pipes and block them.
We may be perplexed at times by the indicators linked with the root ingressed with the regular clogging problems.
Here are several indicators that will assist you in determining a root incursion in pipes.

Slow-Functioning Pipes

The most common indicator of root incursion is slow-functioning pipes. Water pipes are designed to transport wastewater, however, due to dense roots, the flow of water is disrupted and the water drains slower than normal. In such cases, investigate which drains have a similar issue. It could also be due to other impediments.

Toilets that Gurgle

If all of your toilets in the home are gurgling, this could be another clue that you have tree roots in your drain lines.

Backups of Sewers

Tree roots in drain pipes produce severe obstruction, allowing sewage to back up into the property. This is often noticed on drains closer to the ground, but the backup can sometimes work its way up to higher levels.
Tree roots, however, are not the only cause of sewer backups. Sewer backups can occur as a result of a blockage in the city’s sewage lines or from excessive precipitation. Connect the other indicators stated above; if you can, it’s time to contact a root incursion removal specialist.

Contaminated Puddles in the Yard

If you’ve noticed any areas in your yard that are always damp or have accumulated water. It’s an indication of a pipe leak. Now, the roots begin to grow into the pipes through little fractures, and as they progress, the cracks spread and widen even more. This results in a contaminated puddle in a specific area of your yard.

Sinkholes in the Yard

Pipe leakage caused by root infiltration can be hazardous since it can induce soil erosion, resulting in the formation of a sinkhole. The house may suffer structural damage as a result of this. Don’t let the sinkhole get too close to the house’s foundation. Treat it before it costs you a lot of money.

Presence of Unpleasant Odors

As a result of the leaking, damage to the sewer drain will generate a foul odour. This is an obvious sign of pipe leakage.

Root Ingression Solution

We at Plumbing and Drainage Experts are professionals in dealing with root intrusion clogging. We look into the root cause of any blockage difficulties and treat them entirely. The solution to the Root Ingress problem is to identify the leaky areas. A high-pressure water jetter is then used to effectively remove the roots from the pipelines. The CCTV aids in determining the precise problem in the pipes.
You can put your trust in us because we have assisted countless homes in resuming their normal life. Leaking and blocked problems easily derail the day’s preparations. Never let a leaky pipe ruin your happy day. Get in touch with us if you need help with tree roots in the drain or sewer pipes.